On the Edge of a Dream

I rarely dream at night– possibly because I’m dreamy all the time.

But this morning, I woke up and REMEMBERED a dream!

A friend was telling me about a dream yesterday— full of symbolism. Very complex, dramatic.

I loved hearing the details.

So many people seem to have these vivid dreams, and I feel jealous. I know not all dreams are good– some can be terrifying. But I wish I had access to this part of me more often. It would seem an invaluable clue to get these surreal messages from your subconscious, like a private theatre performance, summing up and sometimes foreshadowing your life. Pieces of your past are mixed in.

One of my favorite authors is Gregory Maguire, of The Wicked Years.

A key plot device in his Wicked novels is The Clock of Time Dragon– a traveling band of misfits guard an enchanted theatre on wheels. Usually locked up, the doors unfold to reveal many stages, and the scenes are played out with elaborately costumed puppets. Except the puppets are unmanned, and operate by magic. The scenes unfolding through the Clock of Time Dragon are always scandalous, and foretell a key piece of information about the history of Oz and are tailored to the audience. Somehow, the clock intuits the message needed and chooses specifically.

Some performances are very brief, others seem to be more complete.

The clock itself is considered scandalous because it’s considered part of The Pleasure Faith.

Some people take their dreams very literally. I think dreams are akin to the Clock of Time Dragon’s performances– a surreal, personalized play which we can choose to disregard or not. Sometimes they are upsetting, sometimes scandalous, always fascinating.

I’m just glad I got a small performance this morning!


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