Rebel Yell

I went out for karaoke solo tonight, and had a HELLUVA time!

I haven’t done that in months– just gone out alone. I used to do it all the time.

I sat at a table, turned in a bunch of songs, and tried something new. That’s my favorite thing do to on “off” nights, when hardly anyone is in the bar. It’s the perfect time, because without much of an audience, there’s no intimidation factor.

Tonight I tried two new ones, and broke out a couple I haven’t done in a long time.

But my favorite? I ended with Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell.”

I don’t know it as well as I would like– haven’t listened to it in a bit.

But hey, it worked!

It was great when these guys on the other side of the bar, started yelling, “MORE, MORE, MORE!!”

One got up and started dancing and fist pumping. That’s when I had to laugh–  it was a hit.

I screamed with my rebel yell until I was hoarse! It was the perfect song to close with, and the newest addition to my repertoire.

Although I lack the bleach spikes, leather, and sexy Brit accent, I didn’t do half bad. The best was the surprise. That’s not a song that you commonly hear done at karaoke. And certainly not what you’d expect out of me!

I was looking all conservative with a feminine sweater, a gray fedora with flowers. Not the type you expect to bust out this raunchy classic!

As the song went on, I got more confident. I started growling. And they loved it! It’s fantastic to shock people.

I love being a woman with a deep voice! It gives me so much freedom. I rock a lot of male songs, why not?

Billy Idol is pushing it, I can’t sing as low as him or mimic that devilish snarl.

But I can close my eyes, emit my OWN REBEL YELL, and pretend it’s 1984!


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