That’s what I’m working on this week.

I’ve been quiet lately– not much to say.

But I’m having wonderful conversations with people close to me.

By text, by e-mail, by phone call. It’s wonderful, reassuring. Simple happiness.

An unexpected smile, a friend who wants to go karaoke, a surprise in the routine.

Soon enough, I’ll start a conversation again with my readers through a more substantial post.

But for now, I’m enjoying the quiet.


5 comments on “Gratitude

  1. Hey there. Since you have left the Facebook-a-sphere I will leave this info here in the quiet time section. I started a FB group that is for a creative writing activity called mini sagas. The definition of a mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. It could be simple, poetic, prose-ish, whatever, just 50 words. We share them in the group and support one another to help exercise the creativity muscle and if folks are open to it, I share the mini sagas on our blog site called 50 Items or Less. It has a fairly professional layout and bios and junk. I would love it if you could contribute in some way because I know you would love it! I will leave a link. Let me know. Also, did your number change with the phone? I will just send you a text and hope for the best. Sweet posts lately by the way. That inner journalist was just waiting to pounce!

    • Here’s the link since I am too dumb to put it in my first comment. DOI!

    • Ian, I’m stoked to be invited in! That sounds like my kinda gig for sure– and a perfect challenge for a verbose lady like myself. When did you start this up? Way to go, brother. I like the lay-out, I’ll have to get started on that! Do I just send you a bio and hop in the adventure? I need to get a pic up. Yes, number is the same. Thanks much, giving up facebook is definitely making me more prolific! I’m starting work on my next column! Hopefully I can keep that inner journalist on the prowl, at least semi-consistently. šŸ™‚ Thanks again.

      • Yep, just email it to me and I can take care of all posts. I can also add a link to this blog on our page if you like. It should drive up traffic. And I can link to your stuff for the newspaper too. Just send me the info you want posted and I will work blog magic.

      • Blog Dad, you’re the best.

        I’ll get it on it, yo. And I have an idea for someone else who might be a great contributor, I’ll include that too. Feel free to blogroll me, and link to any of my columns. Thank you.

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