The Happy Hat

Wardrobe absolutely influences your mood– and my new hat proves it.

This ridiculous hat makes me unable to stop grinning! I got it at Old Navy on sale for $6.29, and it is the perfect marriage of practical and fun. It’s a “techno” hat– with ear buds sewn into the ear flaps, and the cord is in the back of the hat, so you can plug it directly into your phone.  Technology! Fashion and function, bam.

It’s a neon yellow knit hat with a pom on top, and cute braids on the sides with poms at the end of those too.

It’s terribly unsophisticated. Truthfully, more like something a 12-year-old would wear. It’s not even that warm, since it’s not lined on the top. Yeah, and?

It’s bright, and makes me happy. Since I got it, I’m loathe to take it off when at work. I suspect that if I were allowed to wear this at work, my sales would sky rocket! I hardly ever wear this color yellow, but something about it is undeniably therapeutic.

The techno aspect of it allows me to be connected hands-free to my iPhone while walking, driving, or ambling along. I can vacuum, do laundry, blog, whatever!

This weekend I went to Barnes & Noble and ordered a tart, hot drink, and enjoyed a book in the cafe. The whole time I was wearing my funky techno hat, plugged into my phone in case it rang. Glowing.

It’s not suitable for extended periods of time in true Chicago winter winds, but it’ll do for driving in the car. And when I go places in public, or even at home, this stupid hat makes me feel more regal than any crown!


3 comments on “The Happy Hat

  1. Your description of this hat makes me want to get one for myself. Of course I have nothing to plug it into, but it sounds wonderful. I would like to meet the hat sometime. We will arrange this meeting soon!

    • Marshy, you will meet my Happy Hat tomorrow! And it’s a color you’ve worn–and ROCKED!–often. You can try it on, and feel the happiness. I’ll turn my music on for you and we’ll take a picture to record Happy Hat Vision!!

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