(I’m a) Middle Class Woman

by Amee Bohrer

Originally posted in a facebook Note on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 1:54 a.m.

At my register today, a customer sets down her purse. It had “MK” branded everywhere on it. It’s conservative and stylish.

As I often bond with female customers by discussing their accessories or fashion, I venture into what I assume is a safe guess:

“Mary Kay?”

Handing me her payment, she smiles and says, “Michael Kors.”

PAUSE. I am astounded at my own capacity for ingorance.

But the woman is, thank GOD, nice. She admits it’s a knock-off, laughs.

I crack a joke, saying that it was much too classy to be Mary Kay, which would have been black with big pink lipstick prints all over it! She laughs.

She also said that it’s practical for her, since her OWN initials are actually “MK.”

MK is a breath of fresh air from the woman who, upon my complementing her rather large Burberry tote, felt the need to confide the pricetag: $1,500.

I wouldn’t know a fake Coach purse from a real one, and I’ve never seen a Fendi bag in my life. And that’s just fine with me.

I have no need for a $3,000 purse, and if ever do– please, knock me out.


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