Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number

Originally posted by facebook Note on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2o07 at 10:17 p.m.

Today I got asked out by an 18-year-old. Wow! Talk about flattering. Of COURSE, I declined. But damn, it put a smile on my face.

I sometimes get hit on by some 21-year-olds at the bars, but this is a new record! A NINE YEAR age gap– in the wrong direction.

It was totally random, too. I went to pick up my car after getting new tires, and later I get a text message identified from the guy who showed me where it was parked. He was the one assigned to call and tell me it was ready, so that’s how he had been exposed to my digits. We didn’t even have a conversation beyond, “Your car is over here.” He wanted to know if it was OK to call and take me out sometime. He had smiled at me, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I politely declined and said it was flattering, but no.

Then he CALLS to convince me it’s worth a shot. He’s a senior at West, where I graduated EIGHT YEARS AGO. He was telling me about his English paper on Edgar Allan Poe, and how he’s so proud because the teacher asked for 4-6 pages, but he’s managed to summarize it all in 2.5 pages. I gave him some tips, and told him that he’d better make it at least four pages, or else his teacher will mark down his grade. I told him I know about this stuff, since I was an Journalism/English major in college. That if he takes my advice, he’ll get an A.

“So… you’re 18?” At that point, I reinforced that I was flattered, but that we don’t have anything in common.

When I told him MY age, he was incredulous:

“WOOOOOW! You don’t LOOK 27. This is kind of weird now.”

Weird, indeed! He said he thought I was 20, maybe 22. That he doesn’t like he girls his age– too much drama. Ha! I told him the drama doesn’t evaporate when you age– you just manage it better.

To make a case for his maturity, he tells me he’s got a fake ID and has been to every bar in Joliet, except for a few he was kicked out of. Even when I WAS 18, I wasn’t attracted to the kinds of guys who went out underage. It certainly does nothing to validate his maturity now!

What a stark contrast to myself at that age: I never had a fake ID and didn’t even go to a bar until I was 21. I wanted to save it for by big 21st birthday– that, and I was just too much of a goody two shoes to risk it!

Now he wants to just “hang out” as friends. I wished him luck at wooing the girls at West, and again, I said no. Just not gonna happen. What’s rather sad is that an 18-year-old is more direct and confident than most guys my age. I gotta say this: the kid has balls. It’ll serve him well in navigating adulthood.

On an otherwise dreary day with yucky weather and bonechilling cold, I wasn’t in the greatest mood. I went to Mass this morning, met my Dad for lunch, and did errands. Other than the amazing Four Berry Sundae I had while waiting for my car to be finished (it was at Sam’s Club)– it seemed a rather unremarkable day. When I least expected it, I received a wonderful compliment.

I just turned 27 last month, and I still got it! But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna “rock the cradle of love,” as Billy Idol said. 😉


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