Status of my facebook deletion: in progress!

Funny, I’m tempted to address this blog like a status update– using the pronouns “you,” as if I’m only addressing my friends list.

It’s going to be a weird transition! In reality, I have no idea which of my former or current facebook friends will read this.

I haven’t changed my mind about deleting my account. I changed my strategy.

Deleting my account en masse was a mistake, done in haste. Although I did achieve my “deadline”, I learned nothing by doing it.

Now I’m notifying some, and deleting others. I’m collecting the information I need, so this time I will have no reason to return.

A job interview forced me to return to facebook, less than 24 hours later. In my haste, I hadn’t retrieved the necessary contact information for references. And I’d have been a much bigger fool to let pride stop me from retrieving that vital information before proceeding as planned.

Once you schedule your account for deletion, you have two weeks to log-in and change your mind. After two weeks have passed, your account is expunged– at least to the public. Your profile history and any materials used to create it for the duration remain property of facebook, and there’s nothing you can do about that.

The format has changed– before you simply clicked on a box to delete anyone on a list, and could have instantly deleted a large group of of people at once. Now you must go to every individual profile and select, “unfriend.”

It takes longer to complete the process this way. I also have work, errands, bills, and my social life to juggle.

Deleting my account will impact my news consumption, so that also needs attention. I have been noting the information for the news organizations I “liked,” as my newsfeed has been a tailor-made source of news, supplemented by the constant stream of articles, videos, and even memes shared by my friends on current events, politics, and pop culture. Consuming news is going to be a more deliberate endeavor now, and I’m noting the sites and sources I value most so I can bookmark them and get my information other ways.

It’s not about completing this task on a deadline– it’s about doing it mindfully, and organizing the information I’m gathering along the way

The primary appeal of facebook is it neatly displays all facets of your life: who and where your friends are, your social invitations, and provides a constant stream of media from a variety of vastly different sources and perspectives. It’s genius, really.

And it’s a challenge I’m enjoying to re-formulate the best of that information in a way that works for me, in 2012.

But I’m at the home stretch– only about 100 friends remain now. This time, I’m doing it the right way.


One comment on “Status of my facebook deletion: in progress!

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