Sign of the Cross?: The Power of Wearing One

This weekend, I put on my gold cross necklace.

Since then, I’ve felt more centered– calmer.

At work, a woman passed me by and remarked, “You’ve got Jesus on you.”

I was bemused. There’s not even a formal crucifix on it! Just a plain gold cross. I didn’t probe– she was already gone. Yet, I couldn’t pinpoint the reason for her comment. She didn’t smile, which would have inferred that she is at least Christian too. Was she passing judgement? Is she Atheist?

And the phrase, “on you.” Like I’m actively wearing something for protection. It almost sounded like disdain. Usually you hear things like that in horror movies– evil spirits are rendered powerless in the presence of a crucifix or cross. Vampires can’t handle garlic.

It’s a very odd thing to say to stranger, without starting a conversation. I’ll never know her intended meaning, but I did notice something.

I *do* feel protected in it. That’s not the only reason I wear them– sometimes it just looks good with my ensemble. I don’t have many, and I don’t wear one every day.

It’s funny that although the cross is an umbrella symbol for Christianity, that wearing one seems immediately branded with Catholicism.

And I wonder, what if i wore more often? Funny, that objects become imbued with the symbolism we choose.

Ordinarily, it would only be powerful if I believed it to be so– but the cross is universally symbolic to protection, to religious spirituality.

I don’t usually choose this one unless I’m going to something formal, and I want to dress up. I don’t often wear fine jewelry. The other crosses I have appear more casual. Do people assume I’m only wearing them for fashion because of that?

I find it interesting that because I wore this particular gold cross, it stood out as a statement about my spirituality.

I believe that my aunt, Sister Mary Jane, gave me the cross. I think I got the chain from Diane, to match it.

The last time I remember wearing it was when Sister died– I wore it to her funeral. I believe I wore it for weeks after that– I felt more connected to her. Funny, I didn’t even consciously associate it with her memory until just now, writing that sentence.

I will wear this cross more often. Not just for protection, but because it’s beautiful and I’m proud to wear it. Why save something I cherish only for a few formal occasions? I love that cross, I love feeling connected to my aunt, and I’m going to wear it accordingly.



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